A runaway heart – the lullaby of dreams

10 September 2013

girl-heart.10-9-2013My heart wanted to escape into the space, but the child did not allow it.
Before the heart tucked itself into fluffy clouds cover to disappear forever
The child began to tell it tearfully a fable from 1001nights
Listening to the voice full of childish longing the heart felt a rain of tears,
A sea on earth beckoned it from the skies by a soothing sound of the waves.
The heart had to go back to the hopefully stretched childish hands
So that the child could dream to the heart’s rhythm – the eternal lullaby of life

32. Humanity’s Supersonic Leap

15 October 2012

I have been neglecting my “second language” blog recently, but life is a marathon run and he who stops running, cannot win. For some time I have been living in a quantum world, being on and not being on two or three paths simultaneously. There have been some new discoveries in that weird border-land, where matter starts to behave “illogically” – from our human point of view. Not being a scientist, but having a poetic inclination, I don’t find anything strange in being in two places at the same time. After all, when I am asleep, watching kangaroos in the Australian bush, while lying in my bed in London, I am simultaneously on two opposite sides of the earth and there is nothing illogical in that situation. In dreams we can obviously behave like the well-known Schrődinger’s Cat. This year of the Chinese Water Dragon is a year of many upheavals, natural disasters and slow, but inevitable, changes in all aspects of human life. The end of the world, apparently, predicted by the ancient Mayan Calendar for the end of December need not be taken literally. All energy changes all the time, outworn forms die and are replaced by new ones. Humanity is in a mess, but then what’s new? Dark areas of human life have to be removed and replaced by Light. It will happen. Sooner than we think. The signs of impending changes are all around us, but the media around the world deliberately ignore them or blur them by concentrating on sensational trivia. Yesterday an Austrian stuntman, Feliks Baumgartner, performed an incredible leap from the very edge of our planet’s  atmosphere at the distance of 139km. Before his parachute opened he was plunging towards the earth at supersonic speed and survived. A new frontier has been crossed by humanity, represented by a lucky (Feliks) man. To me it has a symbolic meaning, especially that today was the new moon in the sign of Balance-Libra. What does it mean? Maybe only that humanity no longer  has to be as earthbound as it had  been until yesterday. Be patient, trust and wait for the big changes.They will come.

31. DNA, the Zodiac and Tree of Life

7 April 2012

Revelation 22: “And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, there was the Tree of Life, which bare twelve different fruits and yielded her fruit every month; and the leavess of the Tree were for the healing of the nations.” Tree of  Life = DNA. Twelve fruits = twelve signs of the Zodiac = twelve strands of DNA; Leaves =DNA junk, words,languages, stars.  DNA has four bases A (adenine) C (cytosine) G (guanine) and T (thymine); 12 signe of Zodiac are grouped into four elements (Fire Aries Leo Saggitarius) Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Fire destroys all that had outlived its useful life, water is the astral world of feeling and emotions, Air is the energy of movement and earth makes everything solid again. There many other relevant connections with that Revelation descrption, but I have to leave that for another time. It will require more knowledge and wisdom than I have at my disposal.

30. Twelve DNA Strands Online?

2 April 2012

In my younger days psychic powers used to be called gifts. You were either born with them or you had to work hard for many years to develop them. There are now many more psychically gifted peeople, young and not so young. But don’t despair if you are not one of them. You can now order them online, though they are fairly expensive. In case you think I am joking, put “12 DNA strands” in your google and see how many offers you get. Normal people, like me, have only 2-strand DNA. But since scientists of many disciplines joined in a long-term project to decode genetic language of DNA (Genome), the discovered that 97% of genetic language was “junk”, bits and pieces which seemed to have no role or purpose in producing proteins. From more recent investigations it appears that the “junk” is some kind of a forgotten language the human race, whose behaviour can be influenced by human words and vibrations. This idea has been promptly grabbed by New Age entrepreneurs, who started talking about the missing 10 DNA strands and proposing various ways of activating them in our physical bodies – for a price, naturally. “In the March 1995 issue of “Scientific American”, in the article titled “Talking Trash” (see below), scientists claim to have found “word” patterns in the “junk” DNA of man. It seems that this junk DNA (segments of the DNA genome which do not encode instructions for the production of proteins) exhibits the same statistical patterns that are found in written languages.” So, what’s new, you may ask. In the coded language of the Bible we read that in some distant past, “all earth was of one speech and one language” until men decided to built that infamous Tower of Babel. The common tongue was scattered into thousands of “junk” languages. and we could no longer communicate with the Elohim. Theoretical Proto-indo-european language (PIE) shows us only some of those scattered remains in many, but not all, languages of the world. I believe that the “junk” DNA is nothing else but the what has been called until now “psychic gifts”- telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, higher forms of channeling etc. It is basically the language of the Spirit we can learn ourselves – for free. How? By using the energy of the words (mantras) and meditating to increase your vibrations. Simple, isn’t it?

29. Reading Human Energy Field

26 March 2012

” Every single thing is a manifestation of energy—one thing—that is continually transforming. It never stands still. Nothing is ever lost, just changed. And to know that is to know that is to know that it all couldn’t possibly just happen to be here.” The Enigma of Energy Vidette Todaro-Franceschi (1999)

I do hope that science will finally equip me one day with a little gadget that would tell me all I need to know abou changes in my aura and its causes. I am aware that  that every thought, every sensual experience, every word I write and read or say is energy that can change the colours of my aura, its intensity and harmony. I would like to have such a gadget or learn how to trace those changes by telepathy or psychometry. I am telepathic and I can sense the energy of words which is probably some kind of psychometry. But it is more like gauging temperature by feeling my forehead or testing my anaemia by looking at the lower eyelid: guesswork which canno be converted into solid facts and figures. I went to see my doctor today and we argued about my health. I told him that the drugs he prescribed for me are not doing me any good, because my body tells me so. He asked how can I possibly know what my body says. I asked him to take my blood pressure and told him it will be low, below normal which for my age would about 140/68. He read it and looked a bit puzzled.The reading was 92/65. Well, he said, this doesn’t really prove anything. Your heart beat is very irregular so the blood pressure may change from minute to minute and in the end you may have a heart attack. I agreed and said that everybody dies in the end of heart failure, so what’s the problem? I know that I will cross the Gate when my time comes and that time is decided by me in consultation with my Guides. Words have power and the current influence of some distant stars in barely visible constellation is really the power of the words we use to describe them. They change our energy field in a variety of ways, depending on the language we use and the exact subatomic composition of our aura. I can do nothing more han observe and watch the flow of events which in some way tell what is going on.

28. The Ram – Illusions and Realities

24 March 2012

On April 2,1946 a few minutes past midnight, I escaped from the Soviet-dominated Poland on a false French passport and embarked on the bigest adventure of my life. Butted by the Ram, I was goaded into joining the large herd of emigrant sheep. I did not choose the time of my escape, but it was the most lucky combination of stars anad numbers I could have wished for. The Spring time was an excellent opportunity for making that leap into unknown future. There were no hesitations, no “buts”, because the energy of Aries-the Ram is to “lead boldly where no human footprints have been seen before”. Or in other words “seek new pastures, where the grass is green and lush”. The date was also a good omen: 2+4+1+9+4+6=26=8, my age at the time and my birth number. Hidden in those numbers was also the golden ratio, Φ=1.6 with all its magical properties of spirals seen everywhere in nature, in architecture, art and human body as DNA. All this symbolic knowledge was hidden from me at the time, but it established some kind of a pattern. Big changes in my life usually took place in the sign of this astrological sign.The astrological Zodiac is an illusion. It was created some five thousand years ago, during the Age of Aries, which preceded the Piscean Age, moving now into the Age of Aquarius. At the spring equinox, the sun is nowhere near the stars of the real Ram constellation. And yet, the powerful thoughtforms of the ancient creators of the Zodiac still influence us through the power of words and meanings. Ram is a symbol of the leader of others, of initiating changes and breaking forms which have outlived their usefulness. A battering ram was often carved with the head  of ram to break strongholds. A ram’s horn trumpet was also used in attacks on the enemz forces. The words “spring” with its many different meanings reflects the abilities of the ram to jump from rock to rock (conquering difficculties) as well as a spiral and a change of seasons with transition from winter ice and frost to the warmth and flowering of life. Here I can see the fantastic power of meanings hidden in synonyms and symbols. I don’t have too look for so called synchronicities in my life. They are around me all the time, often unnoticed.

27. The Sky – my Book of Mysterious Words

23 March 2012

The sky is my book in two editions: day and night.  Both are written in different scripts, which ancient temple priests, soothsayers and other interpreters of Nature have learned to decipher. Today the day book of sky is read by meteorologists, farmers and all living creatures; the night book by astronomers, astrologers and star-gazers. Poets are skilled in reading both scripts and translating them into human languages. The sun signals the weather by its rising and setting. “If it rains before seven, it will clear before eleven. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Anvil shape clouds bring on a gale. When there is enough blue sky to patch a Dutchman’s breaches, expect clearing weather” and many other proverbial sayings were passed on like sacred texts from one generation to the next. But humans became lazy. They invented radio, television, computers, weatherbaloons and satellites, which feed information to modern priests of science who then translate their jargon into regular weather forecasts. Useful? Yes, of course it is, but it gives me only the skin reading of the hidden meanings. Sunsets and sunrises have many colours and variations, which spell out words full of drama. Dawn and dusk have different meanings on every day. Clouds can be peaceful, playful, threatening, sad or changing their shapes into myriad of intriguing forms. Rain, snow, frost and mist have intricately complex phrases and metaphors of their own. All of them are hidden in the book of the sky. The night book is so thick that no human being can ever read all its pages. The moon, planets, stars and galaxies have been studied, described, encoded and decoded, but we are still on the first page entitled “Foreword”. Planets used to be gods, whom science dethroned and turned into solid lumps of matter or rotating balls of gas. Stars of the Zodiac have still retained their mythological flavour but we can no longer decode their true meanings, which is why astrological predictions are so innacurate. My intention is to write short essays about my search for meanings, hidden in some words, metaphors and phrases of that wonderful book of the Sky. Please be patient. It will take time.

Encounters with Ents

16 March 2012

I believe that this Ent is an aktor or an orator, but only when he has shed his summer leafage and is standing in his full Ent winter glory. The place is Hampstead Heath in NW London. It was a slightly misty day. PS. He could be a spokesman for other Ents but he looks too dramatic for that.

Winter Solstice, New Moon and Rare Clouds

24 December 2011

Today is a significant Day of Signs and Hidden meanings. It is Winter Solstice, marking the return of the Sun to our hemisphere. It is the New Moon of Capricorn, the zodiac sign of Change. And this evening is the Night of the Vigil, ancient expectation of the Return of the Saviour which is the Sun. Christianity has transformed the persistent pagan rituals into a legend of the birth of Jesus  who, in fact, was born in the sign of Pisces (hence the legend of the Virgin – the opposite sign of Pisces. )  As if to reassert the old signals, signs in the sky, hidden messages and meanings, a very rare spectacle of so called lenticular clouds appeared over the moors and places of Yorkshire. Take a look and keep those sign in mind when you greet the approaching  Year of the Water Dragon 2012.


Peaceful Christmas and a Wonderful New Year to all those who visit Hidden Meanings.

November Sunset on Primrose Hill

28 November 2011

Thick carpet of dry leves was  rustling nervously under our feet as we climbed Primrose Hill on a late November afternoon. It was one of those brilliantly sunny days which occasionally happen in London. From the top of the Hill one can see the stunning panorama of the south east London, with the old St Paul’s Cathedral now looking , among tall blocks,  like a small Druid temple. Sunday crowds of London’s sun worshippers were climbing witn me and Gemma, my granddaughter. On reaching the top we looked towards the setting sun. Gemma snapped it when a stray cloud topped it like hat, waving its farewells. When a few minutes later I took another photo, only the golden cloud-hat was touching the horizon. I took another picture of the black silhouttes of  the human dwarfs watching the majestic descent of our golden giant. Such magic moments are always worth recording.